Julien Signoles

  • Research interests:
  • My Habilitation Defense held on the 9th of July 2018.
  • Since 2007, I am a researcher-engineer at CEA LIST, Software Security Labs. I contribute to the tool Frama-C (its kernel, and plug-ins E-ACSL, RTE, and several close source ones).
  • In this context, I contribute to research projects and dissemination activities, by writing papers and teaching.
  • Previously, I did a 1-year postdoc in the same lab. I am a former PhD student of Jean-Christophe Filliātre in the team Inria Toccata. In 2002, I got a master in computer science at University of Paris 11 (Programming: Semantics, Proof and Languages, now called MPRI).
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